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Archive Module

This module shows a list of the calendar months containing archived articles. After you have...

Article Categories Module

This module displays a list of categories from one parent category. Help  

Articles Category Module

This module allows you to display the articles in a specific category. Help


The authentication plugins operate when users login to your site or administrator. The Joomla!...

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  • Archive Module

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  • Article Categories Module

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  • Articles Category Module

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One of the fastest and easiest ways to learn template is to install sample data and start playing with it. JSN Megazine provides unique mechanism of installing sample data directly on your current website. Just few steps and the demo website is here.

Step 1. Setup sample data

Go to template settings page and click button "Get started".

Run sample data installer

There are 2 options for you to choose: Install sample data directly on your site or download the quickstart package and use it as standard Joomla site.

Download sample data package

The installation process would start instantly and you would get the website in less than a minute.

Step 2. Read template documentation and start playing

Run sample data installer

Done! Just 2 simple steps and you have sample data installed.

Now it's time to read documentation and play with the template. You can download documentation package for free.